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Things to Avoid on Valentines


These sentences:

I forgot.

I forgot to send you anything.

I forgot to send you flowers.

I sent your mom some flowers.

I sent your dad some flowers.

I forgot your parents are divorced.

I sent you a post card.

I forgot to shave.

I dyed my hair red.

I don’t want kids.

I don’t really like kids.

I don’t really like our kids.


Sentences that begin:

Today, being a pretty special day…

Today, being the second best day of my life…

Today, on this other date I was on…

Today, on Youtube…

Today, on World of Warcraft…

Today, on Wall street…

Today, North Korea…


Words and subjects to avoid:

Nuclear Holocaust

The economy

The Dow Jones


STDs (unless necessary)

Crabs (Lobsters OK)

Ingrown hair

Weird smells





Succulent (any other day this word is fine)










Onomatopoeias to avoid:










Stories that begin:

I should tell you about my suffering…

I should tell you about my high school…

One time, on a Disney Cruise…

One time, in Ciudad Juarez…

A couple times in college…

Once, my ex and I…

Sometimes, my wife and I…

One time, after watching Titanic…


Don’t bring on the date:

A ring (not today).

A pet (never ever).

A copy of your novel (are you dating a literary agent?)

A weathered copy of Lolita.

Your musical instrument.

Your iPad.

Your parents.

Your partner’s parents.

Your other partner.

Your other partner’s parents.


Always bring:

Most, if not all your faculties.

Your pants.

Your good luck charm (keep hidden).

Your big beautiful heart (keep neatly tucked in your pants).



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10 Ways to Make Your Partner More Affectionate

1. Play with your partner on a regular basis. Use different toys to find out what pleases your partner the most.

2. Celebrate your partner. Invite other couples over for play dates.

3. Learn your partner’s likes and dislikes. Cater to your partner’s palate, but always feed your partner at the same time every day.

4. The relationship killer for most couples is poor communication. Talk to your partner for hours. Do not lose your patience if your partner does not choose to respond.

5. Remember your partner will always outrun you. Never chase your partner. Your partner will only become colder toward you if you try to force its affection.

6. Let your partner sit on your lap while you read or watch TV. The couch is a perfect platform for affectionate behavior.

7. Never try to shower with your partner. Your partner hates water.

8. If your partner brings you a present you hate, viz. a dead animal, do not reject your partner’s gift.

9. If you have a yard, let your partner roam around outside while you clean the house. This creates personal space for both of you, and the distance will make your partner crave affection.

10. If nothing else works, try scoring some Nepeta Cataria for your partner. Your partner will instantly desire affection and will really appreciate your scoring the catnip. You can also grow it legally in most states.

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Do you have trouble understanding your partner? Does your partner have communication issues? Do you?

Does your partner ever pretend like you don’t exist? When you call your partner by name, in the sweetest voice you can, does your partner come to you? When you touch your partner, do you expect anything in return? Do you ever get anything in return? Are you still cuddling together, or has most of the intimacy tapered off lately? Is there something you need that your partner seems incapable of giving?

Have you been feeding your partner the same food for the past five years?

Do you often leave your partner at home alone all day? Does your partner ignore you when you come home? When you come home, do you ever find the house in a state of disarray? When you ask your partner what happened, do you get a response? Does your partner just sit there and watch you clean the mess all by yourself? Does that make you angry? Does your partner know you get angry or do you hide your emotions from your partner?

Do you ever feel afraid of your partner? Have you been lying awake at night, trying to sort through the arguments you’ve had with your partner? Do you worry your partner might try to hurt you in your sleep? Have you been sleeping with one eye open? How long has this been going on? Have you been developing a deeply rooted hatred for animals? Do you need a break? Have you ever tried to end things? Do you want help? I can help.

Call my office: 1-800-CAT-CALL

If this is an EMERGENCY, call my Cell: 911-CAT-HELP


Mittens “Mitt” Roflmao

Professional Cat Whisperer

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