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Don’t Do It

Don’t do it.

Why not?

You shouldn’t do it.

You should do it.

Do I look like I can do it?

I don’t know. Should I just do it?

No. Don’t do it.

Well, then do it for me.

Alright, give it to me. Stand back.

Wait, I want to do it.

I said, no. I’m doing it now.

How come you get to do it now?

Get off me. Let me do it already.

You’re too old.

You’re too young. Now stand back.

Don’t say that.

What? You’re too young. I’m doing it for you.

I’m not young.

Yes you are!

Dad, I really want to do it!

Stop it. Stop calling me Dad.


It makes me feel old.

You are old.

I’m not that old.

You’re too old to fire a weapon, Dad.

You’re too young to fire a weapon.

Well I’ll be able to fire one in a few years. You’ll never be able to fire one ever again.

Hey, that hurts.

Ok, give me the bazooka, and I’ll tell you I was joking about your being old.

Fine. Here.

I just wanted to fire it first. You’re still old. Watch this:


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