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Heyyy! What’s up, Drew!

Dude. Don’t…


We’ve talked about this.

What’s up?

No names.

Oh my god. I’m sorry, dude. I forgot.

Why would you forget, seriously…

I’m sorry. I slipped. So where are you?

Dude. Are you serious?

Of course I am! Oh wait. My bad. Yeah. Ok.

You think this is a joke? This is my life, man.

I know. I just get flustered.

Why don’t you call me back.

What? When?

When you’ve settled down.

I’m settled. I’m settled.

Get a handle on yourself.

I’m handled. I’m cool. What’s the plan?

Obviously, we’re not discussing the plan over the phone.

Obviously! Ok, but when should we meet up?

I don’t know. Not here. Not the park. The streets are sketch—can’t afford the risk.

We could grab dinner.

Yeah, dinner sounds great. What are you thinking?

I’m thinking Italian, some place nice.


Yes! I love their Bruschetta!

Ok, let’s meet at 8 for drinks, while we wait for a table.


Meet me at the usual spot so we can walk in together. And don’t dress like you do.

I won’t.

Tuck in your shirt and comb your hair.

I will.

Don’t forget.



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