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You got the job!

Good. I’ve been anticipating this assignment.

Congratulations. Let’s get rolling.

Where do we begin?

We’re going into two neighborhoods and working each block, grid-style.

So what should I say when we go door to door?

When we hit our first door, follow my lead.

What do I say?

Leave the talking to me.

What if they look at me or ask me questions?

You can answer, or I can answer for you.

Ok. I’m a little nervous.

So was I, my first time.

This isn’t my first time.

I know. It’s your first time with me.

Well, I know what I’m doing.

Just follow my lead. I do things a little differently around this neighborhood.

What do you do differently?

I’m more open minded than I seem in person.

You seem plenty open minded.

Well, I am very open minded.

How do you mean?

You know what I mean.

Aren’t you a believer?

Of course I am. My beliefs have nothing to do with anything.

You’re really out there.

I know. So are you.

I know.

Ok. Let’s roll.

What kind of car do we get?

We get bikes.

Road bikes?

Mountain bikes.


We don’t need suspension.

We don’t really need bikes either.


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