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What Google Thinks I’m Thinking

I’m so frustrated. This one single time, I went on a bodybuilding forum-website that Google sent me to when I asked it a question about bodybuilding. The problem arose when I tried to go on facebook the next day or later that day (ten minutes later). When I typed “f” into the address bar, “forum.bodybuilding.com” came up. Usually, I type “f” into the address bar and it autocompletes “facebook.com” so I just hit the “return” key. I’ve got the “type-f-hit-return” motion timed perfectly, because I go on fb like 50 times a day. I never add fb to my bookmarks bar. I’m worried I’ll go on fb too much if I do that.

So now, bodybuildingforum pops up every time I try to go on fb. I know. Frustrating. But that’s only the beginning. Google is following me every step of the way, picking up the trail I leave from bodybuildingforum. And now, Google thinks I’m obsessed with bodybuilding so they’ve arranged all these disgusting bodybuilder-demographic ads on every website I go to. It’s horrible. All these bodies flexing at me. Men in bikinis.

So frustrating.


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