Don’t Flap Me

Whoa. Stop.

Come on, let’s do it again.

Don’t flap me here.

This is my place.

This is not your place. This is my place.

This is my moment.

I shall not be flapped. Not today, not now.

Quiet down, and sit straight in the saddle.

Do what I say.

Go where I go.

Follow my commands.

Follow your quemmands?

I demand you walk this way.

I’m not walking that way.

Do not flap me.

I’m not doing that.

I shall whip you if you disobey.

Is that a threat? How old are you?

I am a confident, proud, mindful human being.

What are you trying to prove?

And I am unflappable.

This isn’t fun anymore.

Faster now. Jump those beams.

What? Where?

Jump! Now!

Whoa. That felt good.

Good. Slow down.

No way. This is my moment.

I said slow down. This is my moment!

Are you sure? What about all the other beams we could jump?

Do not flap me!

That one there?

Whoa! Stop!

Hold on, I really want to do this.

I said stop! Stop!

One more. One more.

I am becoming unflapped!

unflap. unflap. unflap. Wheee!


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