You know that show on the naughty channel?

No ma’am.

The one with the confessions?

No ma’am.

They have little surveillance cameras.

I don’t know it, ma’am.

Don’t you watch TV when you get home late?

I do sometimes.

They show people being naughty in the back of a taxi cab.

In a taxi cab?

Then they talk to the driver.

What do they talk to the driver about?

They confess their dirty little secrets.

To the cab driver?

Just like I talk to you, Bruce.

What does the driver do?

He listens and talks and stuff.

Does the driver ever get involved?

How do you mean, Bruce?

Is he involved, I mean, with their naughty stuff?

Of course he’s involved. He’s driving the cab.

Do they sit in the back?

Not always.

What’s the show called?

Something “Confessions.”

Taxi Cab Confessions?

I don’t remember.

Do you enjoy that show, ma’am?

I do, Bruce. I watch it every Friday night.


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