He’s not in yet. Have a seat.

Not in yet—it’s 11:30am on a Tuesday.

Yes, he hasn’t arrived.

I understand, but it’s 11:30am on a Tuesday.

Yes, I am aware.

Is he taking a sick day?

Never. He played tennis this morning, and he’s on his way here now.

Has he ever been late to work?

Once or twice.

I don’t even have a job and I’m already at work.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do until he arrives.

I understand, but aren’t you aware of my concern?

I am aware of your concern.

I’m sure you are, but is he?

Is he what?

Is he aware of my specific needs?

I will brief him on the situation when he arrives.

How can you be so sure he’s going to arrive?

He’s my father. He will be here promptly.

Your father doesn’t seem very prompt.

My father is a very responsible citizen.

I trust you, not your father.

Look, trust or not, I got you this interview, so don’t backtalk me, James.

I’m sorry. I’m nervous. Are you sure he can find me a job?

James, relax. We love you. Dad wants to help you. Have a seat.

Ok. It’s fine. I’m not that worried. Excuse me for a second.



James—stop it. I know you’re texting Mom. You know how she gets. Don’t ruin this.

I’m not ruining anything. Why is the whole world against me all of a sudden?

Hold on, James—that’s him.


Shut up for a second—yes, sir. Yes, I will sir. Thank you, sir.

What did he say?

He said the company is all yours. I told you he would take your needs into consideration.

Great. Thanks, Sis.


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