I’ll Have Another

And they’re off! Germologist flashes early speed towards the outside Trundleberg is right there and so too is Birdymeister with Daddy Long Legs right on the inside rail and it is Birdymeister taking Trundleberg and then on the outside Germologist is in third. Hansen-the-grey between horses on the inside with Daddy Long Legs—those are the first five. Followed then by Take Charge Didn’t He racing in sixth towards the outside. I’ll Have Another is in seventh. Daddy Knows Best is in eigth. Around the outside, Liaison is racing in ninth. Creative Clause is in tenth. Dollar Hand is in eleventh. Optimizer is racing in twelfth. Alpha is thirteenth. Lasercat is in fourteenth. Went the Day Well is racing in fifteenth. And those are being followed by Perspective as they head down the backstretch. Arousing Sermon also in the rear. Communion Rags only has two behind. Done Talking is last, but El Padrino is last.

The half in 45 and 1 at half way in 138 and Bodemeister leads the parade. Trinniberg is in second. In third is Hansen. In fourth towards the outside is Germologist. Then on the inside Take Charge Indy, followed by I’ll Have Another. Then Liason with an awkward head carriage. He’s very wide going around the turn. He’s carried his head past Creative Cause. Rousing Sermon is now taking up ground towards the inside together with Daddy Nose Best. Daddy Long Legs is right out the back of the field. So too is Perspective, as the Derby field turns for home and out in front it is Birydemeister!

Birdymeister is clear by three lengths now! Hansen in second! Trundleberg! I’ll Have Another! Creative Clause is staying on down the outside. Dull at Hand is also picking up very deep on the track! Followed by Lays On inside the final Furlong! And it is Birdymeister and Mike Smith out in front! I’ll Have Another and Mario Gutierrez now coming alongside! Dull at Hand still has a chance and then Creative Clause! I’ll Have another! I’ll Have Another! I’ll Have Another takes the lead in the Derby and that’s the line. I’ll Have Another wins the Derby—a first winning ride for twentyfiveyearold #MarioGutierrez taking #Derby138!


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